Visiting and getting around Ljubljana

Named Europe’s green capital, Ljubljana offers plenty of green covered surfaces fighting summer heat and great biking infrastructure. Having said that, Ljubljana is best experienced with a bike – it’s small size and relatively flat landscape make it perfect for biking.

And biking is not only the greenest way to get around, it’s also the cheapest. Register online and you can use city bikes for only 1€ (yes, 1€) for a whole week. Explore Ljubljana like a local and enjoy cold ice-cream and coffee in Tivoli park and on Ljubljanica riverfront.

For more info and exact sign-up process regarding the city bikes check bicike(lj) website.

In case you need to use city buses to get to your hostel etc. you can check website of Ljubljana public transport as well – to use public transport you need Urbana city card (reusable and could be used for multiple people), single bus ride (90min) costs 1,30€.

– Matevz