Alpine Convention – Photo Contest

The Alpine Convention launched the 11th edition of their photo contest, which is dedicated to “Contrasts in the Alps”. Although at first sight the Alps build a harmonious entity as a transnational mountain area, taking a second look there are a lot of differences to identify. A castle in the mountains stands quite in contrast to a traditional Alpine hut. Some Alpine spots are crowded, others are remote and solitary. Some landmarks are made of concrete, others built with sustainable materials.

On the occasion of the International Mountain Day in december the Alpine Convention presented the winner photos, which play the main role in the Alpine Convention Calendar 2021.

The contest was supported by the Swiss Presidency of the Alpine Convention, the CIPRA Youth Council and also the Yoalin-project. Some of the Yoalins were part of the jury. They selected 13 pictures, which will illustrate the Alpine Convention calendar 2021.

> Read more about the photo contest the the website of the Alpine Convention