All the Youth Alpine Interrail-travelers were invited to take part in a photo- and story-contest. 43 sent in their pictures and texts from their journeys. Ten of them were selected by the jury and will be given prizes during the closing ceremony on the 20th of September in Bern/CH.

And these are the winners…

Winners of the photo contest

Photo: Jonas Voit
Photo: Nejc Kavka
Photo: Jana Meus
Photo: Christian Pyerin
Photo: Lea Wollensack

Winners of the story contest

The Alps for Beginners

by Mikołaj Buczak

The Alps are an extensive mountain range system which is spread over eight countries: France, Germany, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein and Italy. In this guide you will find out how to travel through the Alps by yourself, you will get also a bunch of tips and maybe some answers to questions that plague you from time to time. …

Blue skies and green walls

by Mariaemma Sala

06.50 am. Breno Station. As every morning in Camonica Valley it is cold. I’m waiting one of several trains that I’m going to take in the following days. The departure is always something special. The first train of this adventure it’s close. …

Three alpine anecdotes on sustainability – experienced on the Youth Alpine Interrail Trip

by Karin Augsburger

One: There’s a Portuguese restaurant in the heart of Scuol, a small mountain village in Unterengadin. I wonder about the history of this restaurant in this alpine region where Fado, Port Wine and Queijo complement Ländlermusik, Biera Engiadinaisa and Bündner Alpkäse. …

Au fil de l’eau

by Camille Marion

Pour mon aventure, j’ai décidé de choisir un thème, comme un fil conducteur, un phare qui me guiderait tout au long du voyage. Étant particulièrement attirée par les paysages de lacs et de rivières, j’ai naturellement élaboré un itinéraire au fil de l’eau. …

Turistično backpackanje po Alpah

by Anže Rakovec

Dan 1: Pešačenje čez pol države, Luzern – srednjeveško mesto 1
Vstopila sva na nočni vlak iz Jesenic, in najina dogodivščina se je začela. Z bolj malo spanja zaradi razburjenja sva prispela do prve nove države.