Wonderful memories

I would add something to this story, and say something to Emily because yes it was our first night up there, our first day of this adventure and our first unforgettable memories ! 
When I think about this very first day of our YOALIN, I realize why I love her so much !
She is so many thing to me and she have so many thing to be proud of… 

She is strong,  and for me being strong is being humble especially in mountain !
She is brave and she doesn’t give up easily and I’m so honoured to be a motivation for her to push her limits beyonds !
She is so natural, so positive, so generous. She is a sunshine during my days and a full moon during my nights ! You are a wonderfull person never forget it, never !

Giving us this opportunity to travel together, for her to discover my world and for me to discover my love, this is so priceless ! So I want to say so much thank you to the Yoalin TEAM for what they have manage to create in the life of so many young people from all around the world : wonderfull memories ! 

Emily and Natael