No Words Needed | #ActNow

In the beginning of August 2019, 450 young climate activists came together in Lausanne for the first International Fridays For Future Summit. While my journey was quite comfortable – I could simply hop on a direct train straight to Lausanne – some of these inspiring students sat in the train for more than 50 hours, coming from the far north of Europe, trying to limit the emissions of the meeting to a minimum. There, at the shore of beautiful Lake Geneva, surrounded by the stunning scenery of the French and Swiss Alps and with view on the Mont Blanc covered in white, we spent one week discussing on how we could save these mighty glaciers – so close, so impressive and yet so fragile facing the climate crisis. During this week I had the chance to talk to different people of different ages from different countries and ask them about sustainability, nature and what we could possibly do about it.

For their answers, no words were needed.



Bea Albermann