Yoalin Challenges

We dare you!

We invite the Yoalin-travellers to do one or more of the following Yoalin Challenges during their travels, document them with a photo or text and use the hashtag #yoalinchallenge on Social media:


Do the #yoaling

Form a Y in front of the landscape with your body and take a picture – use the hashtag #yoaling!    

Meet new people

Meet a local and ask them to tell a typical anecdote or tale from the area!      


Pick up trash and put it in a recycling bag during a hike or a walk!   Waste disposal is a must for all nature and mountain lovers, but not all people are aware how long it takes for trash to decompose. Do you know how long it takes for these things to completely rot […]

Challenge others

Persuade at least one stranger to one of these Yoalin challenges and ask them to nominate another person!    

Go veggie

Eat vegetarian or vegan for a week!      


Travel three days without using the internet!      


Live plastic free for 1 week!  

Learn new things

Get to know 7 new things: 7 trees, 7 flowers, 7 birds or 7 dialect words!    

Keep it real

Capture the unvarnished reality of a place and take an “anti”-advertising picture!    

Buy locally

Buy at least on one day locally produced food and eat only regional food!  

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