"If we start opening our eyes, we will notice that people from the other side of the world are actually travelling to enjoy our treasures: the Alps. By travelling close to where we live, we can see marvelous landscapes, as well as discover knowledge and culture that have always been right in front of us. […]"

- Mathilde de Goër, France

"The chance to travel for one entire month and meet so much diversity in so little time, going beyond the ordinary concept of summer holiday, this Youth Alpine Interrail pass would open one million opportunity to discover the Alps travelling from one city to another, from north to south and from east to ovest."

- Margherita Ventimiglia, Italy

"Instead of visiting big European capital and coastal cities this summer you should decide for cheap unforgettable experience, sustainable transport, outdoor activities, breathtaking views and delicious local food in the picturesque Alps."

- Ana Plavčak, Slovenia

"We want to make sustainable lifestyles and particularly climate-friendly travel mainstream, only in this way can we preserve the nature and beauty of the Alps also in the future."

- Magdalena Christandl, South Tyrol

"Travelling by public transport is one step of our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle and therefore a chance to contribute to the protection of the Alps and to reach the climate targets."

- Julia Thüringer, Austria

"What I love about the idea of the Youth Alpine Ticket is that by making trains and busses economically attractive for young people it gives us the possibility to make positive experiences traveling by public transport in the Alps. This could ultimately even change the mobility behaviour of an entire generation."

- Luisa Deubzer, Germany

"Travelling by train through the Alps allowed me to discover new places that were strangely familiar, yet uniquely different to what I was used to."

- Andrea Müller, Switzerland

"Youth Alpine Interrail gets us to seek new regions, valleys and habits; all connected by one alpine spirit. An unique opportunity for all of us to widen our world and mind in order to understand what nature really can offer."

- Matthias Oertel, Italy

"The youth alpine interrail is a great opportunity to explore the Alps and all the nature, cultures and activities they offer!"

- Mira Kreisel, Austria