A new challenge

As a Canadian, never would I have guessed that I would, one day, get the chance to spend the night in front of the highest peak in Europe, let alone, travel the alps!

After living a year in the french alps for erasmus, I quickly became fascinated by the alps. There is no easy way to describe the feeling you get when you’re so high up. The mountains really are great teachers of the world, of life and just such a magical thing…

On the first day, I was excited, tired, scared… Pushed myself and trusted myself, I got to spend one of the most unforgettable nights. Sleeping in front of the Mont Blanc! Nothing but feelings of relief, comfort and peace while gazing up at the stars, with a view of the glaciers, under the full moon.

As the trip was coming to an end, I continued the alpine adventures with some friends and got to hike the 7 Laux once I was back in France. Being less than an hour away from this area, yoalin made me realize we do not need to go far to see some of the most beautiful sceneries!

The “yoalin in me” will never end… I will never forget this experience! It allowed me to challenge myself, learn and discover so many new things. I vow to continue challenging myself and others, learning new things and discovering endlessly, regardless of where I am.

Thank you,


Mont Blanc (Italy side) & 7-Laux (France)