Our first night

There are certain places on this earth, which are still very difficult to reach. The progress can put all its genius but these places will always remain as unpredictable and full of mysteries, mountains are one of them. Just a few of us know the feeling of when you find the path that will get your soul lost in the unknown, beyond any limits that are holding you back in your everyday life. We call it an escape and we are all endlessly looking for one!

The mountaineers world is really distinct and at the same time misunderstood. It’s full of great unknown legends, crazy life-funambulists, passionate dreamers and especially full of a dangerous feeling: freedom! When you feel it, there is no more boundaries, no more fears and no more tomorrows. Life becomes what it should have always been : A daring adventure!

On this first day of hiking I felt all of this! And nothing could stop me. I was climbing straight up the hill, pushed by this curiosity that asked me after each step : What is behind that and will it amaze me even more? I had no idea and nothing could spoiled it!

After a certain distance you start to be completely exhausted but it is all mental and things starts to be mechanic. This is when you realize that it’s your mind that decides what you’re able to do or not! For me, the mountains help you to get to know yourself better and thus, to reach your personal goals more easily.

On this day, my goal was to find a perfect spot to camp for the night! And for this, more effort was necessary!

We kept walking and made it to this viewpoint. It was clear, we found it and the view was perfect to fuel our dreams for the night! We were just in front of the Italian side of the highest summit in the Alps with the glaciers of Parc National de la Vanoise on the other side. It was stunning and just before dark, when it was time to write in our diary, it was like natural to write : ” Thank you to the mountains for making us feel like human! Because the mountains belong to the gods and each summit reminds it to us”.

Yes we live in a strange world where people think they are stronger and better than everything, especially nature. The mountains help us realize that we are just a little part of a whole bigger thing!

Emily and Natael