Incredible sunrise above the clouds at Piz Languard

Where is the best place to watch a sunrise?

Definitely at the peak of a mountain. During my research what to do in Switzerland I found a place where I can sleep at 3.100 above sea level. So it makes me possible to go up to a peak of a mountain for sunrise. The weather conditions weren’t the best when I went up to the Georgy hat.. so I wasn’t sure if I will see my desired sunrise. In the evening it was very cloudy and cold. On spec that the weather will change I set my alarm for 6 o`clock in the morning. I watched out of the window and could see the snow covered white peaks of Piz Bernina, Piz Palü and co… I was so happy about that I quickly changed my clothes and went up to the peak of Piz Languard. On arriving at the summit I had one of my most impressive sunrise. I was above the clouds! And the sun rise slowly! I won’t forget these moment, being alone at the peak for sunrise.

Patricia Karling

I slept on 3.100 above sea level and went up to the peak ,,Piz Languard” to watch the sunrise. The athmosphere was amazing. It was a mix between clouds and sun. I was above the clouds and only the peaks of the popular Bernina mountains were visible.