A letter

Dear Emma and Thomas,

I have to thank you again for your kindness and hospitality. Meeting you on my second day of traveling around Switzerland left me with high expectations and beautiful memories. I keep explaining our story to friends and family: how tired I was after walking the whole day, carrying all the things I had with me on this journey, from Montreaux to Lac de Taney, that I just didn’t want to walk any longer. The decision was not hard, only one road leading down to the village, I decided to try my luck with hitchhiking and the first car passing by, was yours.  Not having to put up my tent was also a big advantage, so I saved a bit of power for my future nights. Talking to you and listening to your recommendations made my travel, after we have met, very unique. I did some hikes, you two have done years ago, for example the one along Bisse du Clavaux. I spent three days visiting the astonishing suspension bridges, I was so amazed about, when you were showing me pictures of your travel album. Our time in Vouvry was one of the best moments of my journey. I agree, that a journey is best measured in friends, you meet on the way, rather than miles. For sure I will come to visit you again soon. When you are coming to Slovenia, please, let me know.

I wish you all the best!